Thursday, 22 August 2013

Packing service inc providing on-site nationwide services

Established in 2003, Packing service Inc. has been a brand name in providing quality relocation services and bringing fresh approach to this shipping and moving industry. They are proud of what they provide in terms of services at friendly rates and personal touch in the service they have to offer with trained, professional and reliable staff working round the clock to serve any need to the clients on any day of the year. Packing Inc has also been accredited with A+ rating with some very basic but golden rule which is to work exclusively with dedicated employees and companies. Basically, we provide one flat rate so that there is no hidden costs or charges and client is as happy as us while taking our services.

We value your items as you value them and know the pain which goes in making those articles all over your life, some of them even having sentimental values. They deserve proper packing and safety and for that we have custom crates in which we pack your items at your place and prepare them for shipping to the destination. We posses all the important skills and build customized crates for your articles, all we want to know is the location, weight of product and destination to where it will be shipped by our pack and ship service.

Package services are almost everywhere but we go out of the way to deliver the best service no matter how hard we have to try. We have elite force of well maintained vehicles and drivers who ensure that your package reaches the destination safe, secure and intact. We don’t mix your articles as it increases the risk of damage and these services are professionally taken with responsibility.

For the pack and load purpose, we are the best loading company. From packing boxes to furniture, we do it perfectly and all the questions are asked in advanced so that you are tension free. To move the expensive items, our craters build custom crates on location only which provides total protection for moving and shipping.

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