Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Introduction to Different Types of Book Covering Materials

Today, you can come across various kinds of book materials in the market, and it will be difficult to recount them at one stretch. This article explores some of the popular types of book covering materials used by publishers across the world-

Vellum – this is a popular choice for covering books, which are meant for regal presentation. This book cover has leathery texture and it is created from the skin of young animal. Vellum is generally avoided in low value publications due to its high procuring costs. This means you may end up paying over £100.00 for a skin measuring 5 square feet, which is not affordable for covering £10 book. Right?

Tanning is necessary to ensure durability and long lifespan of leather covers. Morocco leather is a rare, Embossed Papers but elegant choice for covering high value presentations. Hand grained morocco Calf and Goatskin Leathers- they are generally used for binding craft books,

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Cloth Covers-they are regularly used for covering school books, note books and other writing materials of daily use. Usually it is used at the spine of binding. You can find varieties of cloth covering materials in the market such as the ones stiffened with starch or created with special fibers etc.

Crash Canvas – This is a type of heavy cloth, which is stiffened with starch. This material is not wash friendly and it is very rarely indulged in library book covering.

Calf Covers – they have been popular choice for bookbinding since last many centuries. As, this leather is soft, and featureless, and it can be subjected to more decorations than the usual leather. It is often treated with marbled compounds to generate array of patterns and designs. This cover is often utilized for golf leaf decoration.

Sheepskin skiver- it is usually treated as a high value substitutions for cloth It is soft like a cloth and doesn’t require special treatment like Morocco leather.

Buckram – this is a durable and strong material, which is created out of woven linen. This buckram is given a washable coating to make it durable and it mimics the characteristic of regular leather.

All the above mentioned materials have proven their mettle to be considered as a covering material. You just need to make the right choice depending on the requirement and ascertained durability for a presentation.
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